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Berlin 2013-1983
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Poster HFBK

Poster HFBK
Poster HFBK

Poster-series for
HFBK (Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg) –  Kunstpädagogik,
Künstlerische Handlungs- und Vermittlungsformen
Professor Lena Ziese

Format 29,7 x 42
5 motifs
Risograph print

For each semester a complete series of posters is being produced, announcing the single seminars and events.

The typeface was specifically created for the subject "Künstlerische Handlungs- und Vermittlungsformen" (artistic forms of action and mediation)
in which Prof. Lena Ziese focuses on questions of learning and unlearning.

The typeface deliberately stays unjust and is created in a sort of low-fi version, putting into question actual developments in technical formalisation- and knowledge-processes.